Monday, July 30, 2007

Justice League of America: The Movie

I just finished reading an old issue of Justice League of America, number 146 to be exact, and after I finished the story I started skimming through the letters pages. This letters column featured the final results from a poll conducted in an earlier issue asking fans to write in their casting choices for a JLA movie. This poll was conducted in 1977. Here were some of my favorites.

Farrah Fawcett: Black Canary.

Lee Majors: The Flash
Okay, one more time. Lee Majors as the Flash!

Jack Klugman: Green Arrow.

Roger Moore: Green Lantern.

William Shatner: Aquaman

Henry Winkler: Hawkman

Jan Michael Vincent: The Atom

Burt Reynolds: Batman

Kate Jackson: Wonder Woman

They announce at the end of the column that Christopher Reeve has been cast as Superman in the forthcoming movie but JLA readers of 1977 made such fine casting choices as Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Jenner as the man of steel! The above mentioned did not necessarily receive the most votes for those parts but they apparently got enough to be mentioned. Jack Klugman as Green Arrow! Shatner as Aquaman! We need to find Jerry Bruckheimer a time machine and get it done.