Friday, December 29, 2006

Five things meme

Well, I got tagged by Phil about a week ago but with the holidays, my new iPod, and Battlestar Galactica box sets I’ve kind of gotten behind on my blog. So this is catch up week folks. We are back on track here at Matt’s Comic blog. Now, five things you don’t know about me.

1. I hate pickles! (Actually everyone probably knows this about me but if someone I don’t know personally is reading this it’s new to you.) Pickle juice saturates everything it touches thus rendering pickle touched food inedible.I do not hate pickles as much as this person.

2. I was once mistaken for the artist Joe Jusko. I look nothing like Joe Jusko but I was working a booth at a comic convention next to the Frank Frazetta Fantasy Magazine booth where Joe Jusko was scheduled to sign. The person running the Frazetta booth asked if someone from my booth would sit there and watch the Frazetta booth while he went to get Jusko. I volunteered and was sitting at the Frazetta booth when an announcement comes over the PA system that Joe Jusko is now signing at the Frank Frazetta Fantasy booth. The next thing I know there is a long line of Jusko fans looking at me expectantly. Luckily Jusko showed up pretty quickly.

3. I was once saved Chad's life in bar because I was able to speak intelligently about the band Black Flag with a crazed drunk guy. A guy who was working a 50/50 combo of drunk and clinical insanity was eyeing Chad with a troubled look while we were quietly enjoying our beers. All of sudden the drunk shouted at Chad and the following conversation transpired.

Drunk guy: Hey!

Chad: Yeah?

Drunk guy: You look like Henry Rollins.

Chad: Really? (Chad does not look like Henry Rollins but he may look more like Henry Rollins than I look like Joe Jusko.)

Drunk guy: Yeah. You know what?

Chad: What?

Drunk guy: I hate that motherfucker!

Chad: Uh. Okay.

Drunk guy (menacingly): Yeah!

Matt: You don’t like Black Flag?

Drunk guy: Huh?

Matt: I kind of prefer the Chavo and Dez Cadena stuff myself. (Actually I’m quite fond of Rollins era Black Flag as well.)

Drunk guy: Yeah, those guys were awesome. Black Flag was awesome.

Drunk guy thankfully soon lost interest and wandered off.

4. I love the Arby’s French dip sandwich.

5. I’m still trying to give All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder the benefit of the doubt. There is much doubt.

I think I’m supposed to pass this five things meme on so I send it to my pal David over at Blowdenblog.

Coming soon: My obligatory best of 2006 list!

1 comment:

Joey said...

Dude, Chad looks about as little like Henry Rollins as anyone could look.....funny story.

I just delved back into some Black Flag stuff. I've listened to them for years, but never enough to really get into them. I've always respected the group, and I've enjoyed seeing Rollins do spoken word stuff live.

That song "Wasted" is really good, I can't tell if the lyrics are supposed to be cynical? or real?
I figured its supposed to be a comment against the "hippie burnout surfer" lifestyle in Cali at the time...but I've heard otherwise?