Monday, December 18, 2006

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Several years ago, after Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neil’s brilliant League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series came out, comics fans everywhere began applying the concept to characters from other media and making their own fantasy Leagues. For those who haven’t read it, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen applies the concept of the shared universe to all of published literature. The two series that have been published to date revolve around characters that appeared in Victorian era novels being recruited by the British secret service into a sort of Victorian Justice League.

While traveling to a comics convention not long after the series came out my friend Scott and I began assembling our own fantasy League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with characters almost as good as those from Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and Bram Stoker. Which characters?

You guessed it. Fast food marketing characters!
Here's the team.

The Colonel:
After the mysterious disappearance of his predecessor, General Tso, the Colonel was brought out of retirement to lead this elite team of operatives. Aside from being a tactical genius he’s got a top secret recipe and its finger lickin’ good.

The Chihuahua:
Though speed and stealth are the Chihuahua’s main contributions to the team, he also coined the team's catchphrase, "Drop the chalupa motherf***ers!"

Every team needs a rampaging monster and Grimace fills the bill nicely. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Grimace Smash!

The team’s secret weapon, Wendy is proficient with many weapons and is a master of at least twelve martial arts fighting styles. She can dispatch any opponent before he can ask “where’s the beef?”

The Cows:
The cows are masters of disguise. They have been confirmed to have posed as super-heroes and as cowboys. All other data is classified.


Philip Looney said...

Matt! No one told me you were blogging!

Matt said...

I just started. Thanks for reading!

Chris Sims said...

So who's their arch-villain? Jack in the Box?

Matt said...

Jack, the Hamburgler, and green onions.

tug said...

I think they should fight Ronald McDonald. That's an evil motherfucker. Or the Hamburglar.

David Bowden said...

General Tso's apprentice? Genius!

Joey said...

I will not read this series unless Mayor McCheese features prominently in it.

Matt said...

Hey Joey. I'm thinking of a sequel where Mayor McCheese stages a coup to overthrow the Buger King.

Joey said...

brilliant! I will buy 2 of each issues